Version 1.01 Changelog

  1. Fixed photoset lightbox issue.
  2. Fixed slider not working for multiple photosets on a single page.
  3. Image within a text post will now display to the full width of the column.
  4. Fixed issue with GIFs and lower res photos displaying in photosets and photos.
  5. Updated styling to notes on permalink pages.
  6. Width is now 100% for soundcloud audio posts.

Download AppBlog theme version 1.01

AppBlog has been submitted to Tumblr Themes. You can find it here.

AppBlog has been submitted to Tumblr Themes. You can find it here.

Testing out the audio post in tumblr.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration is now supported. Simply type in either your ‘username’ or ‘URL’ for the social network in the theme settings and it will appear in the navigation menu. The social icons are powered by Symbolset; allowing for a simple & lightweight icon set solution. After the break are the following social networks and tools supported within the theme:

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No IE8 & below support at launch

There will be sadly no Internet Explorer 8 and below support for the AppBlog Theme at launch simply because it’s not a top priority at the moment and there are time constraints. I would rather launch it and if it becomes a major issue right away, I will deal with it; however, it is now put on the ‘to do’ list. Although, the theme seems to function perfectly in ie9 and above.

"Solve problems that people have."

Kevin Systrom

When to give up

  • Jack: What's the problem?
  • Gill: It won't work in ie8
  • Jack: Does our target market use ie8?
  • Gill: 5%
  • Jack: Don't bother with it.


The official release of the AppBlog theme. Powered by Tumblr.